Impact Stories

Giving to the Minnesota FFA Foundation impacts the nearly 11,000 students that experience classroom education, career success through their Supervised Agricultural Experience Program, and leadership development through FFA. We are grateful for all donors and sponsors who give to the FFA Foundation. These stories are because of you - thank you! FFA members, if you would like to share your story, we’d like to hear from you.


Impact is a powerful word. Its definition is never questioned. But rather, the obvious question is – what’s changed?

Lance Becker is a senior at Fairmont High School. He currently serves as his chapter President and Region VII Treasurer. Lance is actively involved on his family's farm. His Supervised Agriculture Experience is working with his show pigs. Through Lance's involvement with the FFA he has gained more responsibility and accountability. Career Developments Events have helped Lance gain more public speaking skills. His future plans include attending Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to study agronomy and then plans on transferring to a university. 




 Molly Lindgren is currently a senior at Staples-Motley High School. This year she is serving as chapter Vice President and Region II president. When asked how she got involved in FFA, she said, "You could say that FFA is in my blood because my dad is the agriculture instructor and FFA advisor at my school, and that's how I got involved."  Molly shared, "To earn a jacket means so much,  knowing  that people believe in the future of agriculture gives me a sense of pride, leadership, and responsibility. Every time that I zip up that jacket I get chills because I am representing a wonderful organization that has helped shape me into the person I am today. The  blue corduroy is a symbol of all the opportunities I have had and all of the opportunities I will have through the FFA. Most of all, it represents me and all that I want to be." 

After graduating high school, Molly would like to attend the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities or Iowa State University. She plan on majoring in Agricultural Communications and Marketing, Political Science or Dietetics and Nutrition. 


Jacob Radloff is a member of the New Ulm FFA Chapter. He says, "The leadership skills I learned at WLC will also be used to educate members in my chapter about the importance of good leadership and how they can become good leaders themselves. I will share what I learn at WLC through actions and teachings. In my chapter I can share with other members my experiences and how they impacted me." 

 Jacob says his favorite FFA experience was going to the Minnesota State Greenhand Leadership Conference (SGLC) in Hackensack, Minnesota. "This camp was my first big experience in FFA. SGLC taught me the basic values of FFA and their goals. Through SGLC I was able to make many friends and build long-term relationships that I still have today. I have also made many important connections with fellow members, and state and region officers. SGLC is just one of the many reasons why I am in FFA."


Mackenzie Craig,  a member of the Alexandria FFA, attended the Washington Leadership Conference because she believes, "It will be a great learning experience to see how people are in need in many different ways around the world, to meet new people,

increase my leadership skills, to set goals, and to learn not to take things for granted."

One of Mackenzie's best FFA experiences was attending State Leadership Conference for Chapter Leaders this past summer. Mackenzie said," I was the only one from my chapter that went. I'll admit, I was very nervous to be on my own but, meeting new people, and learning how they grew up was a great learning experience. SLCCL also taught me how to be a better chapter leader and how to better our community. " Another one of Mackenzie's favorite FFA experiences is  during FFA week when her school has a petting zoo. "I love bringing in my livestock and seeing the faces of kids light up from a joy of a animal, and asking so many questions about it. The bond between a animal and a human is the most greatest thing I have seen," Mackenzie said.



Lafe is a member of the Plainview-Elgin-Millville FFA. Lafe's passion for the FFA, as well as his desire to help others, motivates him to go to the Washington Leadership Conference. "I want to gain the skills and knowledge taught at this conference to bring back and use them in my home and community to help others."


Lafe's best FFA experience was the time when he went to the State Greenhand Leadership Conference. He says, "At this conference, we were taught about what the FFA has to offer to students like us and what we can do to become more involved in our communities and the state as well as becoming better leaders. What made this conference so special was that it was the first time I truly knew I wanted to be active in the FFA. The officers facilitating the camp inspired myself and many others, as a result of this camp I am committed to making a positive difference in this world and in my communities. That conference is responsible for me wanting to get more involved with the FFA and work to help others."



Laura Church is a member of the Randolph FFA Chapter advised by Mr. Ed Terry. While wearing the blue corduroy Laura was impacted by the Minnesota FFA in numerous ways. She states, "My FFA advisor always asks us students how to spell FFA. The answer is not simply "F-F-A" but instead "opportunities". Throughout my years in the FFA, I have been given countless opportunities that have shaped me into the person I am today, and that is all thanks to the MN FFA Foundation. Between serving as a region officer to participating in a national CDE contest to traveling to leadership conferences each summer, the Foundation has always been there to support us members. Last year, I received a scholarship from the Foundation which made it easier for me to attend the Washington Leadership Conference. This was an amazing experience and helped me become a service leader in my community, and I am forever grateful for that opportunity." 

During the Minnesota FFA Convention Laura served as a Minnesota FFA Foundation Ambassador. She enjoyed this experience because, "We had the chance to connect with industry professionals, sponsors, and supporters to share with them our FFA story.

 It was a great opportunity to "put a face to the organization"."

This fall Laura will be a freshman at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities pursuing a degree in Agricultural Communications and Marketing with a minor in Animal Science.




Mallory Carlson knows personally her life has been changed because of the impact of FFA. Carlson has experienced more than five years of agriculture instruction at Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, and is currently a freshman at South Dakota State University pursing a double major in animal science and agricultural communications.


“If it wasn’t for FFA, I truthfully don’t think I would be the same person I am today because of all the experiences, skills and responsibilities I have gained,” states Carlson. “Its had a huge impact on my life.”


Carlson started her own cattle herd in 7th grade when she bought two heifer calves from her father. “This is when my parents and I felt I knew enough skills to make decisions and be responsible for my own animals.”


Building a herd initially does not generate income. To sustain her project and take care of the cattle, she did daily chores on the family farm, configured feed rations, managed records on animals for breed registration, and helped with sire selections.


“Growing up on a farm and developing my own herd helped me decide to major in animal science,” explains Carlson.  “But FFA inspired my interest in agricultural communications because of the Career Development Events and officer positions I held through high school.”


The impact of FFA and ag education is significant on young people.  Just ask Mallory.



A professor at Iowa State knows his life was changed because of FFA. That’s why for 14 years, Dr. Curt Youngs has donated to the Minnesota FFA Foundation. He is the sponsor of the Novice Parliamentary Procedure CDE, the Sheep Proficiency, and donates funds to support the State Greenhand Leadership Conference. 


"FFA changed my life. As the youngest of three brothers growing up in Minnesota, I felt I was always in their shadow," explains Dr. Curt Youngs, an animal science professor at Iowa State University. 


“From learning the creed to participating in soils judging and farm business management contests to having my own Supervised Agricultural Enterprise; FFA gave me the chance to grow as a student, as a person and as a leader.”  


Through his contributions to the Minnesota FFA Foundation, Youngs hopes to spark excitement and passion in the youngest of FFA members.  According to Youngs, “I want them to experience the 'FFA Adventure' that will transform their lives! 


Thank you Dr. Curt Youngs!  Your support is having an impact. 

"I feel so blessed to have been involved in FFA. FFA has provided me with opportunities to learn about agriculture, create life-long friendships, and grow as a leader. I wanted to give back through the Minnesota FFA Foundation because every time I put on my bluejacket I am reminded of all that I have accomplished and all that I will accomplish in the future. I hope that I can help other FFA members feel the same way by giving them the opportunity to have their own jacket as well."

-Harley Braun, Sleepy Eye FFA Member


"Becoming a member of the FFA was one of the best decisions I ever made growing up in southwest Wisconsin. The foundational skills that I learned in leadership have served me well in my career at the U.S. Department of Agriculture - Natural Resources Conservation Service. I look forward to giving back to the FFA as this organization can and will make a difference in people’s lives."

-Julie MacSwain