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Chapter Resource Corner

FFA's success begins at the chapter level

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of youth and impacting their lives one day at a time. The Minnesota FFA Foundation is committed to support your work to ensures the growth and development of the next generation of leaders for agriculture. We know you are incredibly busy shaping the lives of our youth each day, so hope this page is an easy resource to provide you with all necessary information pertinent to the Foundation in one place.

Upcoming Deadlines:

  • October 1st, 2023   -  Legacy Club Grant applications due.

  • October 15th, 2023  -  Blue Jackets Bright Futures student applications due​​.

  • November 1, 2023     -    James Tracy Scholarship applications open.   Applications closed until November 1, 2023

  • December 1, 2023 -    Washington Leadership Conference applications. Applications closed until Winter 2023. 

  • February 1st, 2024     -    James Tracy Scholarship applications due.

Information & Resources:

Living to Serve Program Learning to Do. Doing to Learn. Earning to Live.  Living to Serve. 

As you go through your FFA experience, you are being supported by many people.  Your advisor and parents are certainly at the top of the list, but do you know the role that the Minnesota FFA Foundation plays in your FFA involvement?

We invite you to learn about the important partner to your FFA experience, the Minnesota FFA Foundation. 

To aid in your students learning more, we have developed resources tailored to specific events and groups to assist you and your members.  Resources include: videos, downloadable resources, PowerPoints and more! 

Available Resources: 

Classroom Lesson: 

Chapter Meeting:                                              Link to Chapter Meeting PowerPoint:


Officer Retreat:

Chapter Banquet: 

Living to Serve is part of a member's FFA experience.  We ask you to join others who understand the important role of supporting FFA through the Minnesota FFA Foundation. 

Questions on the Living to Serve Program can be directed to:  Val Aarsvold Executive Director

Phone: (507)259-3586 OR  Email:

Chapter Meeting
Officer Retreat
FFA members-Princeton.jpeg

Blue Jackets Bright Futures - Student applications are due October 15th. Students are responsible for completing the online application. A review team will review all applications and teachers will be notified by email by November 15th. Foundation Staff will then mail a packet to Ag Teachers at their schools who have recipients of the program. The packet will include a congratulations letter, a stamped and addressed thank you note to be completed and sent to the sponsor, and a gift card to the National FFA Store to place the order for your students jacket and scarf / tie.

Students apply here:


Application Guide / Tip Sheet for Students applying can be found here:  

Blue Jackets - Bright Futures program brochure for download: 

Flyers for youto promote the program in your classroom can be downloaded here:

Questions on the Blue Jackets Bright Futures Program can be directed to:  Amanda Sommers, Program Coordinator

Phone: (507)461-2214  OR  Email:

Legacy Club Grant Applications - Applications are due October 1st.  The Minnesota FFA Foundation established the Legacy Club recognizing that success begins at the chapter level. We value the work that you do to grow opportunities for your students and want to support that. The Legacy Club mission is to raise funds for chapters across the state through a grant program. We are pleased to offer Legacy Club Grants to support your work.  Consider applying for a grant to support areas that you feel will grow your chapter.  New Chapters (1-3 years) can apply for up to $1,500 in support, and existing chapters can apply for up to $1,000 in support. Teachers will be notified after 

Applications are now open to apply - Deadline is October 1, 2023:

Chapter Advisors follow up report form due August 31, 2023 here:

Legacy Club program brochure for download: 

Questions on the Legacy Club Program can be directed to:  Val Aarsvold, Executive Director

Phone: (507)259-3586 OR  Email:

Chapter Donations to the Foundation - For decades FFA chapters have shown their support of the valuable work of the Minnesota FFA Foundation through a contribution.  Your support and that of others provides many services and opportunities for your chapter and the students you serve.  These services and opportunities include: State Convention support (thus decreasing convention registration fees), Blue Jackets-Bright Futures program, Legacy Club Grants, Washington Leadership Conference scholarships, James W. Tracy Scholarships, placemats for chapter use and other additional resources.  We understand that in recent years, it has become more challenging to make this contribution.  With that said, we want to offer chapters two ways to make their contribution.  


Please consider one of the two options described below:

1.  Download this form to accompany your chapter's donation check.  Please mail form & payment by Dec 31.  


2.  Indicate your chapter's desired contribution to the Minnesota FFA Foundation by November 6th by Google Forms here: 


* This identified contribution amount will be listed as a Foundation Assessment on an upcoming invoice from the Minnesota FFA Association.

Questions on the Chapter Donations to the Foundation can be directed to: Val Aarsvold, Executive Director

Phone: (507)259-3586 OR  Email:

Minnesota FFA Foundation Placements- Minnesota FFA Foundation sponsored placemats are available free of charge at your request!  Distribution will be at the AgTech Conference in January, or by making special arrangements with Foundation staff. 

To place an order for placemats, please send an email to Val Aarsvold. 

To make a request, or for questions on the Foundation placemats, please contact:

Val Aarsvold, Executive Director

Phone: (507)259-3586 OR  Email:

Screenshot 2020-11-09 105901.jpg

James Tracy Scholarship Applications - Student applications are due February 1.  This will be the 7th year the Minnesota FFA Foundation will be offering the James W. Tracy Scholarships for your students.  The James Tracy scholarship program was established because of a Northfield area farmer, James W. Tracy.  The Minnesota FFA Foundation is pleased to bring life to James Tracy's dream of supporting youth in agriculture, keep rural America strong, and support FFA and 4-H members by providing scholarships to youth involved in agriculture. Again this year, $2000 scholarships will be offered based on the criteria below.  Students will apply for the program online. If selected as a recipient, students will be able to receive this scholarship once as a high school student and once as a college student. A review team will review all applications and teachers & recipients will be notified by email by May 1st. Foundation Staff will then mail a packet to recipients at their homes which includes a certificate and details about how to redeem their scholarship. Upon completion of their Fall semester at a post-secondary school, the scholarship recipient MUST send a transcript (copy / scan acceptable) to the MN FFA Foundation showing satisfactory progress. Transcript can be emailed to: Once transcript is received by the MN FFA Foundation, the scholarship check will be mailed directly to the recipient by the end of the following semester/term. Encourage your students to apply that meet the following requirements below:


Scholarship Eligibility: 

  • Must be a resident of Minnesota

  • Must be enrolled or plan to enroll in an accredited post-secondary school in the U.S.

  • Must plan to pursue an academic award (certificate, diploma, or degree) in agriculture or animal husbandry


Application Details: 

  • Leadership, involvement, and agriculture interest

  • Three essay questions, limited to no more than 500 words

  • Two letters of recommendation.  Letters must be from non family members.  One letter of recommendation is required to be from someone who has known / worked with the student during the previous 12 months.  

  • Upon completion of the recipients Fall 2023 semester at a post-secondary school, the scholarship recipient will need to send a transcript (copy acceptable) to the MN FFA Foundation showing satisfactory progress. Transcript can be emailed to: Once transcript is received by the MN FFA Foundation and upon completion of your following semester/term , a check will be sent to the scholarship recipient.


Applicants can apply here.  Deadline is February 1: Applications closed until November 2023

James Tracy Scholarship program brochure for download: 

Flyers for you to promote the program in your classroom can be downloaded here:

Questions on the James Tracy Scholarship Program can be directed to:  Amanda Sommers, Program Coordinator

Phone: (507)461-2214  OR  Email:

Washington Leadership Conference (WLC) Scholarship Applications - The Washington Leadership Conference Scholarships are awarded by the Minnesota FFA Foundation to support FFA member’s participation in the Washington Leadership Conference. Scholarships are only available to members traveling with the state lead group. Scholarship amounts are $550 and $200.

Additional information and questions are included in the application to be considered for the scholarships offered by the Minnesota FFA Alumni for WLC.

Receiving a scholarship does NOT constitute a registration for the conference.  Registration for the conference needs to be done through Juleah Tolosky, Executive Director, Minnesota FFA Association.


Applicants can apply here:  Applications closed until November 2023. Applications due December 1, 2023

Questions on the Washington Leadership Scholarship program can be directed to:  Amanda Sommers, Program Coordinator

Phone: (507)461-2214  OR  Email:

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